What is Ivy Bar + Kitchen?

Ivy Bar + Kitchen is an upscale casual restaurant and bar in Burlington, Ontario. A perfect place for lunch or dinner; Sunday brunch; after-work cocktails at one of our interior or patio bars; an intimate group dinner in our Private Dining Room; or reveling the weekend nights away! The ownership of Ivy has worked ambitiously to create a multitude of unique spaces for your every hospitality need.

What is the menu like?

A little something for everyone…we like to think of our menu as familiar classic items with a modern twist. We do our best to provide vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free options. Our kitchen offers delectable dishes from savory steaks, fish, pasta, burgers, and gourmet wings to many other exciting appetizers and entrees.

Do you support Local or Organic?

Of course! Whenever we can.

I am gluten free-do you have any items on your menu that I can eat?

Ivy continually strives to provide items for most dietary needs. We offer a handy image key showing vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options – and we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. If in doubt, ask us ahead of time!

What is the wine offering at Ivy like?

Our wine offering at Ivy showcases award-winning selections of International, Local VQA, and Organic wine. A constantly evolving selection ensures we give you the best combination of food and wine.

How do I buy a gift card?

Our Gift & Loyalty card program is so much more than a simple gift card. For every $100 that you spend, we will replenish $10 back onto your card! You can customize your card by adding a personal or company name when you order. Register your card on-line for other great benefits, invitations, and special offers. Our Gift-Loyalty Cards can be purchased directly on our website in any denomination you require, or stop by during non peak dining hours and a manager in the restaurant will be able to arrange one for you.
Email us at giftandloyaltycard@ivybar.ca

What are Ivy spaces?

Stylistically guided by the art direction of Concept Designer Andrew Scott Donaldson, Ivy’s design has been crafted as a series of unique, inviting, contemporary spaces to dine, drink, or entertain.

Our indoors features a 600 square foot living wall; a 20 foot wide crystal chandelier; social lounge spaces for parties of 10-40; a warm inviting private dining room; two modern elegant bars; and a large dining area with views of the entire restaurant. A gorgeous 5000 square foot outdoor Ivy Garden Patio that hosts our Ivy Garden Grotto celebration table; an open air dining area; lounge and sociable spaces; and 2 full service bars is the perfect compliment to our indoor spaces.

Visit our Ivy Spaces Page for photos and details.

Can you tell me more about your Private Dining Room?

A short walk under Ivy’s Living Wall leads to our beautifully decorated Private Dining Room. Perfect for a sit down dinner, or a casual appetizer and cocktail event, for up to 14 people. The Private Dining Room is a beautiful hidden treasure! The room is fitted audio-visual ready for meetings, and has a private access balcony to our Ivy Garden Patio for those sunny summer days, or exciting weekend nights.

What is the Ivy Garden Patio?

Our gorgeous Ivy Garden Patio is 5000 square feet of dining, bar, and greenery. Great social seating dining areas; comfy lounge and social booths; two full-service bars; Wi-Fi; and all the sun, or shade, you desire on a warm beautiful day – make our garden patio the perfect oasis to enjoy weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, or nightlife. You will be impressed and thrilled this exists in the City.

What is the Living Wall I keep hearing about?

Our Living Wall is literally a breath of fresh air. As you know, plants emit oxygen – and our living wall not only offers a warm and natural visual focal piece to the room, it is also used to filter clean our own air. The 600 square foot Nedlaw © ™ Living Wall System is our contribution to sustainability as an active, living, air bio-filter that offers both a stunning plant-scape, and also cleans the air naturally. The living wall is a unique soil-free system that enables us to create a beautiful and functional living work of art that transforms our room into a space where people can congregate, relax, recharge and feel good. Located by our main bar, you can see images of our Living Wall on our spaces page.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit cards, and Ivy Bar + Kitchen Gift-Loyalty Cards. We also have an ATM machine.

I love Ivy Bar + Kitchen. Can I apply for a job?

Absolutely! We are always accepting resumes for our Culinary Team, and all Front of House positions. Visit our Careers Page for more details of positions and how to contact us. We always have room for a few more great people who aspire to provide the best in hospitality services.

Is there a dress code every day of the week for lunch and dinner?

No, not exactly. We are a casual, upscale restaurant for lunch, brunch, dinner, and cocktails, Sunday through Thursday. Come relaxed and as you are.

Our Dress Code specifically applies to our Friday and Saturday evenings after 9pm. Most of this time you will see men dressed in a range from business casual to jacket & tie; and women dressed from business casual to cocktail dresses. Fashionable jeans are allowed with dress shoes, and a dress shirt or sweater. Our dress code is not intended to be pretentious, and is simply intended to ensure the evening is staged for an adult crowd that seek a fun, classier, night out.

Is Ivy a place to bring small children?

Children are welcome for Sunday brunch, and lunch and dinner Monday to Thursday, however Ivy is predominantly an adult environment on Friday and Saturday night. We do not recommend bringing children on Friday and Saturday nights for dinner after 7pm, as it can be quite busy, and the bar fills up quickly by 10pm.

Friday after 9pm, Ivy has a minimum age requirement of 25 years of age; and Saturday after 9pm Ivy has a minimum age requirement of 27 years of age.

If you check with us ahead of time, our kitchen will do their best to accommodate your child’s needs.

Do you have weekly specials or features?

You bet we do! Every day! Visit our Weekly Features Page for more specific information.

How long does eating at Ivy take?

Upon arrival, let your server know your time restraints, and we will do our best to get you back to work on time. For larger groups, we always recommend emailing us at reservations@ivybar.ca so we can be even better prepared!

We also offer a corporate incentive program! If you and your co-workers use our Gift-Loyalty Cards when you are visit Ivy, you can accrue 10% of your group spend over the course of the year to use at your annual work party, or any other event, in our fabulous restaurant!

How do I make a reservation at Ivy Bar + Kitchen?

1. For reservations of parties under 10 persons: any day of the week for lunch or brunch, or for dinner Monday through Thursday – we take reservation inquiries 3 ways: via email at reservations@ivybar.ca; by telephone at 905 333 4891; or our on-line reservation system.

2. For reservations Friday, or Saturday evenings, or for Parties sizes of 10 or more persons – we only accept reservation inquiries via email at reservations@ivybar.ca. You can also visit our Reservations Page to email us directly.

We have a Reservations & Guest Services Manager whose sole job is to organize our reservations efficiently so that both you, and the kitchen staff, have a great evening. This enables us to facilitate and properly manage the high volume of dinner guests, and all of their experience and expectations at Ivy – and allows us to ensure that our food and service quality standards are maintained. In the order of priority of incoming requests, we do our best to respond within 24 hours after receiving a request for a reservation in the current week, and within 36-48 hours for requests farther out in time. Our Reservation & Guest Services Manager works tirelessly fielding upwards of 300-400 requests a week at peak times. We hope you can be a little patient and we will do everything we can to try to accommodate your reservation inquiry.

You likely do not need advance reservations for groups under 8 persons from Monday to Wednesday – and may simply walk-in for a table; however we would be happy to take your reservation inquiry prior to any visit.

Additional Notes:

On our busy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings we do specifically set aside some tables for walk-ins, and our full service menu is offered at our two modern elegant bars, which are also quite popular spots to dine.

Is there a minimum age requirement on the weekends?

Yes, there is.

During the day, and evenings Monday to Thursday we operate as a casual upscale restaurant and bar. At these times, we welcome all ages for lunch or dinner.

However, Friday and Saturday nights after 9pm we do have a Dress Code; and after 9pm we have an age minimum of 25+ on Friday and 27+ on Saturday. Dinner guests on Friday and Saturday nights are required to meet these expectations.

Do you serve brunch?

Glad you asked! We serve a delectable, talk-of-the town upmarket Sunday Brunch Bar featuring $5 Ivy Caesars and Mimosas and live music. Recharge from your awesome Saturday night in style! (Please check with management for seasonal hours of operation – and if we are currently open for brunch)

What do we do if we have a guest in our party on a Saturday that is under the age of 27, or under the age of 25 on a Friday, and they want to stay after 9pm?

If you have a unique situation such as an office party, or other special occasion party, and a member of your party is just under the minimum age for either the Friday or Saturday evening, we recommend you email us at reservations@ivybar.ca.

Exceptions MAY be considered for special circumstances, provided the person arrives with a mature group and the person’s attitude/image appears to fit into a mature minimum 25+ Friday or 27+ Saturday year of age and older room. In all cases, management reserves discretion at the door.

If in doubt, email us at reservations@ivybar.ca

What is your Dress Code?

We have a dress code in effect Friday and Saturday nights, after 9pm.

This means we do require men to be dressed in a range from business casual to jacket-and-tie (Fashionable jeans are allowed with dress shoes and a dress shirt or sweater); and for women to be dressed from business casual to cocktail dresses (Fashionable jeans are allowed with blouses or sweaters.

Ripped jeans; baggy jeans; sports tees-jerseys-shorts; surf or denim shorts; baseball caps; running or tennis shoes; and casual cotton printed t-shirts are not acceptable attire on Friday and Saturday after 9pm

Note: During Patio Season-business casual tailored golf (dress) shorts and dress sandals may be acceptable.

Management reserves final discretion at the door.

Is there a Confirmation Deposit required for large parties?

Due to the high volume of reservation requests and the cost associated with holding seating available for large parties, we require a commitment for reservations of groups of 10 or more persons on our busy Friday, and Saturday evenings. Depending on circumstances, we may also require commitments for reservations of groups that are of significant size during other time periods.

For parties of 10 persons or more on Friday or Saturday evening: we require a $25/per person minimum confirmation guarantee signature on our reservation deposit form. You are able to cancel your reservation within 48 hours with no minimum deposit payment taken. All we ask is that you know your final number for your reservation when you book; and if your party size is going to change, that you inform us within 48 hours of your reservation.

The intent is not to charge you if 1-2 persons in your party do not arrive – we understand unforeseen circumstances do happen. This charge, however, may typically apply if non-arriving reservation guests total more than 2 people.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate for additional people to your confirmed party size, due to actual seat availability constraints.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at reservations@ivybar.ca and we will be happy to try to assist you.

Do you book out your restaurant for large group bookings?

We believe Ivy is the destination of choice for large parties and events.

For most occasions, in addition to our regular lunch and dinner menus, we offer a Share & Platter menu and Prix Fixe menus in several price ranges. We can also customize a menu for larger events. We excel at party and event planning and are specialists in arranging for unique accessories including audio-visual, decorations, and more.

On busy Friday and Saturday nights, parties over 10 persons may be required to order from one of our Prix Fixe menus.

Please email us at reservations@ivybar.ca for details.

We also offer a corporate incentive program. If you and your co-workers use our Gift-Loyalty Cards while visiting Ivy, you can accrue 10% of your group spend over the year to use at your annual holiday or work party.

Can Ivy be completely booked out for private events?

Although Ivy is a full service restaurant and bar, we may consider closing to the public for exclusive events such as weddings, fund raising galas, or corporate functions. Contact our Reservations & Guest Services Manager at reservations@ivybar.ca and let us know what you have in mind!

Note: due to the high volume of dinner and late night reservations on Friday and Saturday evenings – it is most feasible to consider exclusive private functions during the day between 8am and 6pm, or Monday through Thursday evenings.

What is it like Friday and Saturday later in the night?

After 10pm, our bar scene becomes bustling and Ivy starts to get louder like any high volume bar. We typically cater to a 28+ years of age and older crowd. It does get quite busy, and our guests do like to dance and mingle after 11pm. We hope you are here for a great night out enjoying our amazing music and our fun bar atmosphere.

Friday nights are always busy, however there is usually plenty of room to move around.

Saturday nights are VERY busy, and typically we are at full capacity with a potential for a line up around 10pm.

Pick the night that is most suited for what you are in the mood for!

What is the crowd like on Friday and Saturday night after 10pm?

Ivy has a minimum age requirement of 25+ on Friday and 27 + on Saturday evenings after 9pm, and we provide a Guest Priority List for women 28+ and men 30+ years of age and older. You can expect a very busy bar scene with a classy, well-dressed, adult demographic. Ivy has a great atmosphere, with amazing music and people, who are ready for a great night out!

What can I expect coming for dinner on Friday or Saturday night?

On Friday and Saturday evenings, Ivy is a busy, contemporary, restaurant. Guests join us for dinner, or after work wine, cocktails and share plates.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, we maintain an average of two seating times per table, typically with a 2-2 1/2 hour window for your dining experience.

Fridays and Saturdays after 10pm, Ivy transitions into a busy late night bar scene, with a well-dressed adult demographic. Our last dinner seating of the night at each table usually have the option to keep their table and stay for the bar night life; while our earlier seating guests are always welcome to join us after their table time at one of our bar spaces. Keep in mind, we cannot necessarily guarantee another seating area for early dinner reservations, due to the table occupancy of later dinner reservations. If in doubt, please contact our Guest Services Manager at reservations@ivybar.ca

On Friday and Saturday evenings we do ask reservations to arrive within 15 minutes of their reservation time or they may be moved to a waitlist. Large parties should expect that if their reservation is forfeited due to late arrival on a Friday or Saturday night, it might be difficult to re-accommodate. Please call us in the in the event of an emergency, and we will try our best to make adjustments. Please note, we cannot guarantee that reservation times can be changed due to table time commitments of other reservations that are on schedule.

On our busy Friday and Saturday nights, to maintain the pre-scheduled pace of the kitchen, and ensure excellent service, we do ask large parties be considerate to the kitchen and reservation timing, and have their orders placed within 15-20 minutes of the start of their reservation.

If more mingling time is desired prior to ordering dinner, we recommend you arrive early and enjoy cocktails at our lovely bar; or when making your reservation please inform our Reservations & Guest Services Manager that you desire more time to mingle at the beginning of your scheduled reservation prior to ordering food plates – and we will be happy to try to accommodate your timing wishes. The more advance notice of requests, the easier for us to facilitate.

Parties over 10 persons may be required to order from a Prix Fixe menu. During peak times, food arrival may take up to 30 minutes. Our fabulous ambiance and beer, wine and cocktail selection will ensure you are enjoying while you wait.

Can we make a Patio Reservation?

Every day for Lunch, Sunday Brunch; and evenings Monday to Thursday for Dinner – we take patio reservation inquiries via email at reservations@ivybar.ca; phone at 905 333 4891; or on-line reservation system OpenTable.

On Fridays and Saturdays after 5:00pm – due to the unforeseeable risk of inclement weather and our high volume of reservations on the interior of the restaurant, we take a limited number of patio reservations, via email only, at reservations@ivybar.ca.

Patio Dining Reservations can be made between 5-7pm in our open air patio dining area; at our Ivy Garden Grotto celebration table that seats 12 persons; and in our Social Lounge Spaces that seat 6-10 persons for social snacking and cocktails. After these seats are reserved, patio seating and access is on a first come-first served basis. We do not reserve patio seating or space for Friday and Saturday late night.

In the event of real or forecasted inclement weather, Ivy management will exercise discretion to cancel patio reservations, particularly those on Friday, or Saturday night. For all patio reservations cancelled due to real or forecasted inclement weather, Ivy Management cannot guarantee an interior table. On Friday, and Saturday evening, substitute interior tables may be unavailable due to full interior reservations. If you require a guarantee of a table, regardless of weather, make your reservation for the interior dining room. Under no circumstances can Ivy management guarantee Patio Reservations a substitute table in the interior dining room.

During Friday and Saturday late nights our patio can get full quickly, and we have to abide by our allowable occupancy. Once we are full, we have a required one-in/one-out policy. In our best attempts to avoid frustration for guests desiring to get on to our patio when it is already at full allowable occupancy, we offer a waiting ticket system so that you can enjoy your night inside, with the possibility to be notified for availability outside at a later time. We cannot guarantee people will leave the patio once it is full and want you to enjoy your evening and not wait in line all night to get outside.

At over 5000 square feet, our spacious, lush patio is an amazing place to be in the summer, so it’s best to arrive early!

How easy is it to get on your Guest Priority List for the later nightlife on Friday or Saturday?

Due to the typically full seating of our restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights, and for our inability to determine in advance how many dining guests stay for the night, we can only commit to a limited availability on our Guest Priority List for our after 10pm later night bar scene.

The Guest Priority List guarantees priority service at the door from our Guest Services Manager. Our Guest Priority list is reserved for mature adults: females over the age of 28 years of age, and males over the age of 30.

For Guest Priority List inquiries contact reservations@ivybar.ca.

All Guest Priority List requests are date and time stamped in order to maintain a first inquired-first served basis. Generally, we accommodate up to a maximum of 8 persons per group. This is due to the high volume of people already in Ivy from our busy dinner service; how quickly we fill up after dinner; our need to accommodate walk-up guests; and the limited space we have left to hold available for later arrivals. The Guest Priority List will give you priority attention at the door, however does not waive any applicable cover charges, or guarantee entry.

The Guest Priority list expires at 11pm on Fridays, and 10:45pm on Saturday nights.

Management reserves discretion for dress code and attitude at the door.

Guests arriving intoxicated or exhibiting inappropriate behavior in any way, will be denied entry.

If the Guest Priority List is full, can I still get in to Ivy?

We do encourage you to come early. We get busy very quickly, especially on Saturday nights. We reach full capacity on Saturday nights by around 10pm (sometimes, even earlier). Arriving as early as possible will help avoid an entry wait.

Do you offer Bottle Service on Friday and Saturday night?

Ivy is a busy restaurant before it becomes a bustling bar scene Friday and Saturday nights after 10pm.

Our restaurant is a priority. In light of the fact we cannot predict which of our dinner guests will want to stay for the evening, we are unable to reserve many of our dining tables and seating spaces strictly for late arriving guests.

As a general rule, after 10pm we do not have a bottle service program as a means of guaranteed entrance, or as a beverage menu offering. We currently only offer Bottle service in one of our two select Group Social Lounge Spaces for special event parties of 10-40 persons. An advance reservation is required, and orders are taken with a maximum of one bottle per 5 persons. Our Ivy Personal Bottle Service Bartender must facilitate bottle Service.

Groups must be over 28 years of age for females and 30 years of age for males. Book early!!

Is Ivy also a nightclub?

Ivy does not fashion itself a nightclub, however after dinner on Friday and Saturday nights we do have a very busy bar scene. If you’re looking for a great adult night out, we are the place you want to be!